We have decided to bring the Obsidian Queen series into the family of books under my Shari L. Tapscott name! The series is no longer available as Shannon Lynn Cook, but we will republish it, along with the all-new fifth book, hopefully by the end of the year. (The designer’s cover schedule will determine the release dates.)

What this process will look like: I will be making some revisions, though the overall story will remain untouched. We will be doing another full round of edits, reformatting, and as I mentioned above, the entire series will get new covers. We will also be releasing paperbacks this time around, and maybe…MAYBE…audiobooks.

Though it might sound a little scary, this is a HUGE step for the series, and it takes Madeline’s story from being a side project for a pen name to a main project. It also opens the way for more urban fantasy in the future. (One of which I have covers for…)

I’m so excited, and I can’t wait to return this series to you, all polished and shiny and new!

Wishing you the best,


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