Book Soundtracks

If my books were movies, these are the songs I imagine playing in the end credits. Some of them I found after I’d written the book. Some I listened to while I was writing.

I’m not endorsing the artists, and I’m not affiliated or associated with them in any way. (Also, please forgive me for my eclectic taste in music. It’s kind of all over the place!)

I originally linked to Spotify, but several people had trouble getting it to work, so now I just have a list, and you can look them up on your favorite music service. 🙂

Obsidian Queen

Guild of Secrets

Still working on this one 😉

Princess of Shadows

Just a Kiss—Lady Antebellum

Knights of Obsidian

Like This—Shawn Mendes

Creatures of Midnight


Traitor of the Entitled

Let it Be Me—Steve Aoki & Backstreet Boys